3 developments in the market worth following

We monitor the demand for cloud and data center connectivity on a daily basis. At the same time, we continue to refine our services on the basis of new insights and knowledge that we gain through experimentation. And of course we are also regularly present at events where new insights are shared. Based on all this information, we currently see 3 trends that are relevant for CSPs.

1. Cloud adoption is a strategic choice and not a cost consideration

For years, people have been saying about the cloud it’s a hype. The transition to the (public) cloud turned out to be much more complex than initially thought, which is why better solutions have been developed for hybrid clouds, a combination of on-premise legacy infrastructure and private and public cloud.

Since the first hype, organizations have increasingly seen the cloud as a strategic choice that provides greater resilience, agility, ability to innovate, and the capacity to respond more swiftly to customers’ demands. As a result, a cost-based 1 to 1 comparison has become less relevant: the cloud has a different pricing model compared to the old situation. However, the availability and security of the (public) cloud are offering new opportunities increasing the quality and this makes a 1-1 price comparison less relevant. More and more end-users will start using different clouds.

CSPs and other cloud service providers must, therefore, prepare themselves for busy times. The demand for multi-cloud cloud architectures will increase. These are set up from multiple data centers via different types of cloud connects. The advantages of the cloud, such as greater agility, scalability and a flexible cost structure, are the starting point for this. These are also the requirements for the networks that connect customers to these clouds.

2. Edge is getting an impact

Edge computing, edge data centers, and edge networking are not new concepts. But so far there has been no large-scale adoption. Edge, however, is going to get more relevance soon. Now that 5G is getting closer, the infrastructure that organizations need to have in order to be able to benefit from it is also being considered. Requirements for compute, storage and networks change as a result:

  • Regional and local data processing and exchange will play a greater role.
  • 5G will first be implemented locally, in situations such as smart industry or smart mobility.
  • Edge locations will be different for consumer applications and data exchange for business applications. There will be various forms of edge locations

Edge cloud and public cloud will be closely interlinked and depending on economic and technical drivers they will use large central data centers or small edge data centers. Connectivity between these locations will need to be scalable, flexible and diverse to enable this dynamic cloud.

There is an opportunity for regional data centers to be relevant in these developments. The most important key to success as a small player is to enter into the right partnerships in order to be part of a game dominated by large players.

3. DDoS attacks increase in number and become more complex

DDoS attacks evolve rapidly. The most recent research by the  Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organization (NBIP) into DDoS attacks shows that they are becoming increasingly complex. Regularly new types of attacks appear that prove difficult to fend off. The frequency of attacks is also increasing. Anti-DDoS measures, therefore, become more important.

The tricky thing about DDoS attacks is that CSPs and other ISPs have to be able to defend themselves against these attacks, but equipment to do so is expensive. The solution lies in a collective approach, whereby resources are pooled and DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation are purchased collectively. The National Scrubbing Center (Nationale Wasstraat, or NaWas) of NBIP offers such a solution, which is also available through all DCspine PoP’s.

Did you spot a trend yourself?

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