A new, resilient network for Infopact in just a few hours

A new, resilient network for Infopact in just a few hours

The Dutch business community will come to a halt without telephony and the Internet. Infopact therefore provides reliable and secure internet access via xDSL and fiber, VoIP solutions and related services such as managed firewalls. Companies like Corendon, Van der Valk and Vitaminstore rely on Infopact for their communication. Infopact has a long-standing partnership with DCspine for scalable and reliable connectivity and delivers many of its services through an extensive partner network.

Serving customers at light speed

Infopact’s services for partners are easily accessible. Partners are in control thanks to the Infopact Prime portal. This allows them to easily order a Xelion PBX from the cloud, SIP trunks and phone numbers and keep control of their orders.

This has many advantages. For example, the possibility to place orders 24×7, which are processed automatically. Many products and services can thus be provided within minutes. This gives partners the opportunity to serve their customers at light speed.

Shared vision

The similarities with the self-service portal of DCspine are obvious. DCspine is able to provide high capacity connections between more than 60 data centers in the Netherlands and Belgium within minutes. These connections are fully redundant by default, with capacities up to 100 Gbit/s and flexible contracts with durations from 1 day to 3 years.

Given these similarities, a partnership between Infopact and DCspine was a natural course of events. Both focus on the automation of their services as well as the quick provision of support when needed. Because in the end, automated services are dependent on human effort. If necessary, one should always be able to act quickly!


It is often thought that automatic provisioning of services will result in a considerable loss of customer service. DCspine sees automation as a way to provide better service, for example by greatly improving the user experience and giving more control over connectivity. And if necessary, DCspine likes to go one step further. Because Infopact also wanted to use the DCspine platform from a data center in Enschede, DCspine created a point-of-presence in this data center.

A people’s business

When Infopact faced unexpected limitations in connectivity from a third party during the weekend, this was remedied by DCspine within half a day. For Infopact it was very important to act quickly. The data center where the irregularity occurred was already part of the DCspine network. After a few phone calls on a Saturday morning, Infopact’s connectivity problems were completely solved at the beginning of the afternoon! Automatic provisioning and rapid action by DCspine specialists ensured this speedy result.

Service providers who automate their services often become very cumbersome and rigid. They are unable to provide support when something is going on, especially outside office hours. I have experienced at DCspine that things can be done differently – a very pleasant surprise.

Herman Tanis, Managing Director Infopact

About DCspine

DCspine sees a high demand for data center interconnectivity, driven by the growing use of cloud applications. With the advent of cloud-based services, a new ecosystem has been created. This requires new approaches to enable customers to take full advantage of the capabilities of the cloud. In order to function properly, interconnectivity services for data centers must become faster, easier, more flexible and more scalable.

Why choose DCspine

  • Rapid response to incidents, also outside office hours
  • Redundant connectivity
  • Present in 60+ Dutch data centers