Cloud and managed service providers are served even better with new DCspine portal

DCspine, the innovative Dutch platform for on-demand cloud and data center connectivity, has deployed a new release of the platform. New features include end-to-end redundancy at port and network level and improved interconnection management. This makes it even easier to make direct connections with third parties via DCspine. A community page has also been added so that companies that use the platform can bring awareness of their presence to other users.

DCspine’s services are aimed at companies and organizations that want to set up connectivity quickly and in a flexible manner. Examples are Managed Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, VoIP providers and Content Delivery Networks. DCspine offers the possibility to set up connections between all large multi-tenant data centers in the Netherlands based on Software Defined Networking (SDN), with contract durations starting from 1 day. Existing own and (new) customer networks can easily be added and can be made manageable. This facilitates simple and scalable network solutions for the use of the public, hybrid and private cloud.

 Jan Michiel Berkel, director of DCspine, is proud of the result that his team has realized. “We are continuously working on improving the platform, listening carefully to the feedback from our customers and partners. With a new layout that makes connectivity even easier than it already was via our platform, new services that increase flexibility and many new features that make the portal more robust than ever, we think we can meet the needs of our customers.

We are continuously working on improving the platform, listening carefully to the feedback from our customers and partners

The roll-out of the renewed portal took place shortly after DCspine announced that it would expand into Belgium, wants to provide more partner services in the future and intensify contact with customers about the developments of the platform. “We notice that there is a need among our customers to be able to arrange datacenter connectivity even faster via the platform and also to purchase additional services”, says Berkel. “We want to further refine our services and have added a number of new features. All in all, it is now made even easier than before to purchase flexible connectivity on our platform at competitive rates.