Customers rate the services of DCspine with a 7.9

Customers value our expertise and speed of delivery

The results of our much anticipated customer satisfaction survey are in. On average, customers rate our services with a 7.9 out of 10. Our net promotor score is a whopping +71 (with +50 and above being considered excellent), a score we are very proud of!

One of the main reasons to conduct a survey like this is to hear from our customers what they value about our services, and where there is room for improvement. Overall, the ease of use, flexibility, geographical reach and cost effectiveness of the DCspine offering is valued most. The expertise of our engineers and speed of delivery also rank highly. 

At the same time, a notable result of the survey is that many of our customers are unaware of other services DCspine offers besides our secure cross connect (SxC). This is something we will pay more attention to. Customers would also like to see added functionality in our portal, for example real time bandwidth usage metrics or an enhanced user interface. These are things we will take in consideration developing a new release of our portal.

We are happy with overall customer satisfaction but will also continue to strive for improvement. Thanks to all our customers that took the time to participate in the survey!

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DCspine customer satisfaction