DCspine interconnectivity platform connects sixtieth data center

The Eurofiber Group launched its subsidiary DCspine in 2017. Since its introduction, the platform, driven by the strong growth of cloud services and the emergence of new IT ecosystems operating from data centers, has achieved explosive growth. A recent milestone was the connection of the Maastricht data center of energy supplier ENGIE Services. The counter is now at sixty data centers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Overview of all our connected data centers

Real-time’ scalable connectivity

DCspine (dcspine.nl) is a fully automated online platform that offers data centers network connectivity based on the latest software defined networking technology. DCspine can be seen as the virtual “meet-me-room” of all connected data centers. The platform enables users to connect between data centers as easily as within a single data center. The proposition is available 24×7 via an online portal and services are operational immediately after completion of the ordering process. One or more connections can be ordered, scaled up and down, adjusted or canceled in real time.

IT and cloud

DCspine focuses on IT and cloud providers that operate from the data center, such as providers that offer cloud, hosting and managed services. In addition, these are organizations that are active in networking services and other connectivity solutions themselves or on behalf of customers. These parties particularly appreciate the fact that DCspine is present at almost all important locations and can deliver within just one day. This means that connectivity is no longer a bottleneck when delivering a project or service. In addition, the flexible contracts on a daily basis make it possible to complete the business case for oneself or on behalf of end users faster than previously was the norm.

DCspine is used, among other things, to connect new customers in data centers, to connect directly to Internet exchanges or to create public cloud services or redundancy in regards to an existing provider. In addition, the DCspine platform is also used for short-term migration projects or in uncertain business cases where the need for bandwidth on the route is still unclear.

Customers of DCspine by category

Pay for capacity on a daily basis

DCspine can be ordered 24×7 via the self-service online portal. DCspine uses fully flexible contract terms and conditions, allowing connections to be ordered, changed or cancelled on a daily basis. Invoices are only issued for the capacity and days taken up. The same connectivity services are available in all 60 data centers in the Netherlands and Belgium, with speeds ranging from 100mbit to 100gbit. In addition, DCspine provides direct access to cloud services on preconfigured ports such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and partner services from, for example, AMS-IX and the NaWas, the non-profit National Scrubbing Center against DDoS attacks.

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