Eurofiber connects datacenters via innovative online platform ‘DCspine’

DCspine offers a Terabit network between more than 30 datacenters in The Netherlands

Maarssen, 12 October 2017

Increasing demand for datacenter connectivity

Driven by the increasing adoption of cloud applications, Eurofiber sees a strong demand for datacenter interconnectivity. With the emergence of cloud based services a new ecosystem is developing, requiring new approaches to help customers to take full advantage of the cloud opportunity. To be successful, datacenter interconnection services need to be faster, more scalable, agile and flexible than current offerings.

‘Real time’ connectivity

DCspine ( is a fully automated, scalable, high capacity datacenter interconnection platform based on the latest software defined network developments. With DCspine you can connect to the services you need, when you need them. DCspine can be seen as the virtual “Meet Me Room” for all connected datacenters. DCspine makes it as easy to cross-connect between datacenters as if it were within a single datacenter. DCspine offers online products that can be ordered via the DCspine portal. The products will be provided 24/7 via the portal and it is possible to order, change or delete at any time. DCspine is mainly focused on datacenters and cloud service providers operating from datacenters.

Why DCspine

  • High capacity up to 100G per connection
  • 24/7 delivery via the self-service online portal
  • Flexible contract terms
  • All products and prices equal on more than 30 datacenters in The Netherlands
  • Cloud providers available to connect with on pre-configured ports

DCspine cooperates with launching partners Dataplace, NLDC and Alticom. In 2017, 3 datacenters of Dataplace, 5 datacenters of NLDC and 6 datacenters of Alticom will be connected.

Gerben van der Veen, managing director Dataplace: “Dataplace believes in an open network model that offers our customers a choice of carriers and providers. DCspine is innovative and strengthens the connectivity options towards our clients by offering easy, fast and cost efficient connectivity to the important datacenters in Amsterdam and other regional datacenters.”

Rick van Fucht, director connectivity NLDC: “With DCspine on our data floor, NLDC further completes its carrier and cloud neutral datacenter network. Partnerships like this are crucial and build on the growing and changing demand for different connectivity services.”

Hans ten Hove, CFO of Alticom: “By equipping our national network of 24 media towers with DCspine we offer a high-end, flexible and future-proof data-infrastructure, strengthening the position of Alticom as a green and innovative datacenter.”

Bart Oskam, CTO of the Eurofiber Group: “With DCspine we developed a dynamic and future proof platform for cloud services. I’m proud that this innovation has been accomplished in such a short period of time.”

Eurofiber invests several millions of euros in DCspine. This year, the platform will be further developed with new functionalities, new datacenters will be connected and DCspine will develop partnerships with important ecosystem players.