Eurofiber launches DCspine, innovative connectivity platform in Belgium

Brussels, October 1, 2019 – Today, Eurofiber launched its online platform for flexible datacenter connectivity in Belgium: DCspine. As the first and only provider of this service in Belgium, Eurofiber is reaffirming its role as an innovator in the Belgian fiberoptics sector. DCspine makes it easy for customers to cross-connect between datacenters themselves through an online interface, giving them flexible access to their data and services as if everything was running in a single environment. Six datacenters in Belgium are already connected, and further expansion is expected over the next few months.  

Fast, scalable, flexible

DCspine delivers solutions that are faster, more scalable and more flexible than the established options. “DCspine is a unique service, the first of its kind in the Belgian market for datacenters,” says Hans Witdouck, managing director at Eurofiber Belgium. “The connectivity platform is distinctive because it offers its services on demand, in an online model. Customers can place orders 24/7 via the online self-service portal. We also offer high-capacity connections up to 100 gigabits per connection, flexible contract terms, and direct access to third-party cloud services on preconfigured ports. These features are a perfect match for market needs, due to the dramatic growth of cloud services.”

Dutch success echoed in Belgium

DCspine was developed two years ago by the Eurofiber Group and initially launched in the Netherlands. The platform now serves over 100 customers and has proven that it can make a real difference, thanks to its fully automated model tailored to current customer needs – more so than traditional networks. Jan Michiel Berkel, director of DCspine: “We are pleased with the very positive responses we’re hearing from our customers about our innovative way of working. I am proud that we can now offer our services in Belgium as well.”

The addition of six datacenters in Belgium brings the number of datacenters linked to DCspine to a total of 69. Over the next few years, the platform will continue to add new functionalities, systematically expanding to more and more datacenters and partners.

Vote for DCspine for a Computable Award!

DCspine’s unique proposition has not escaped the attention of the jury of the Computable Awards. This year DCspine has been nominated for an Award in the category Service Provider. Help DCspine win this award and vote for us!