Whitepaper: How to easily setup a Cloud Connect

How to easily set up a Cloud Connect - BE

The case for a private Cloud Connect

Enterprises of all sizes have embraced the public cloud. With increased cloud adoption however, connectivity between the cloud and customer IT environments has become a major concern for IT departments. Connectivity to the public cloud is often too complex and unreliable to fully benefit from the possibilities the cloud offers. This is partially caused by the fact that many organizations favor (public) internet connections to connect to the cloud over more reliable alternatives such as a Cloud Connect.

As more workloads, applications and data are taken to the cloud, the demand for fast, reliable, private cloud connectivity soars. Cloud service providers, managed service providers and ISP’s can meet this demand by offering an end-to-end Cloud Connect to their customers.

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In this whitepaper we take a look at the case for a private Cloud Connect. We discuss what it takes and how it works. We also briefly show how easy it is to set up end-to-end cloud connectivity to one of the three major public cloud providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.