Leveraging cloud adoption to create new business opportunities for MSP’s

As organizations move to the cloud, they turn to trusted advisors to help them achieve their goals. The local IT-partner, whether it’s a hosting provider, integrator or managed service provider, is asked to help with the journey to the public cloud. Or with orchestrating IT and multiclouds for organizations that already have made headway with their cloud journey. To get a sense of how fast organizations are moving to the cloud and what IT-partners can expect the next 12 months in terms of cloud adoption, we will take a look at data on cloud adoption in the Netherlands.

Data on cloud adoption in the Netherlands

The Dutch Hosting Provider Association, the trade association for market leading hosting- and cloud providers in the Netherlands, recently published its first Cloud Adoption Monitor.* In this concise overview, facts and figures of cloud adoption in the Netherlands are presented and broken down into several verticals. The report is based on interviews with over 500 professionals in both IT and non-IT roles. The organizations range from SME’s with 20 or more employees to enterprises with 200+ employees. Almost all industries have been covered in the Monitor.

Out of all the organizations that participated in the monitor, 15% has a cloud first policy, while 42% is open to cloud adoption if cloud is the best possible solution for business requirements. 56% of organizations questioned puts effort in creating an optimal IT-infrastructure using on premise IT and private and public clouds. Last but not least, on average, organizations expect 33% of all applications used to be SaaS-based within 2 years, which would be an increase of over 30% compared to the present day.

Overall, organizations use some form of cloud for about 50% of all IT-functions, ranging from storage to CRM’s and from ERP to application development. In the coming 12 months, cloud adoption will steadily grow, as organizations of all sizes in all industries get a better sense of how cloud can help their businesses grow and evolve. It is expected cloud will quickly become more important to the IT-mix of organizations, as the business cases to use cloud technology for a wide range of business needs have quickly become very solid.

Opportunities for local MSP’s

Deciding whether or not to renew, upgrade or retire (on premise) IT-infrastructure in conjunction with public cloud services is one of the main challenges a majority of organizations face the next years. Interestingly, almost 50% of the surveyed organizations in the Cloud Adoption Monitor has expressed a strong preference for local service providers as advisor when it comes to public cloud services.

What organizations want from local MSP’s is solid advice about cloud, whether its hybrid, public or multicloud. Most organizations are well aware of the benefits public clouds can bring and that these benefits are impossible to realize on premise. Obviously, MSP’s can quickly and easily add value here. They know their customers’ needs and IT-infrastructure. In addition, the public cloud holds no secrets for them, and in many cases they also offer managed hosting or private cloud solutions. If they are able to add to that a fast, reliable and secure way to the public cloud, organizations will be able to create the mix of on premise IT and cloud service they need for their ideal IT-infrastructure.

There are many roads that lead to the public cloud however. Given the inherent lack of reliability of the public internet in terms of bandwidth and security, a private solution is necessary in many cases. MSP’s that are looking for an easy, transparent and reliable way to add public cloud to their services or portfolio and combine this with their managed and private cloud solutions could consider a Cloud Connect. In our whitepaper ‘How to easily set up a Cloud Connect’ we explain the limitations of public cloud via internet and how we think MSP’s can add value by offering a secure, reliable onramp to the public cloud. Want to know more? Go to our download page and get your copy of the whitepaper.

*The Cloud Adoption report by the DHPA is available for download here, additional data can be found here (both Dutch only)