The elements that determine network quality

When choosing connectivity between data centers, the first considerations are often the range of the network and the price tag. However, the quality of the network is at least as important. Ultimately, it determines network reliability and therefore your uptime. In this blog we tell you more about the elements that determine network quality.

The sense (and nonsense) of SLAs

There are different views on the quality of networks. Think, for example, of how extensively a network needs to be monitored or how intensively it needs to be maintained. Often, this is related to the SLA. As long as the network is of sufficient quality to meet the uptime guarantees of the SLAs, the idea is that it is all right. As far as we are concerned, that is not enough as a starting-point. Even within the terms of the SLA, downtime is possible. That this is highly undesirable is obvious. It has a direct negative impact on the business.

We see the SLA as an absolute minimum. That is why we focus on 100% uptime, 365 days a year. We make no secret of the fact that it helps us a lot that we provide our services via the Eurofiber network. What are the advantages of the Eurofiber network?

A solid foundation

As part of the Eurofiber Group, we have an extremely reliable dark fiber network of more than 31,000 kilometres at our disposal. This network is completely underground. This means that the network only comes to the surface at active PoP locations and that welds are made where necessary instead of patches. This shortens routes, minimizes the risk of damage from digging and ensures low damping.

Only certified network engineers work on the network and carry out frequent maintenance at carefully planned times, which means that there are few outages. The maintenance intervals for the entire network are short compared to the rest of the market. Last but not least, the entire network is monitored 24×7 by a Network Monitoring Center.

Ring structures

The network is made up of ring structures, which ensures there never is any maintenance on DCspine routes that are dependent on each other. Thanks to this set-up, all connected data centers are redundantly connected: the dark fibre literally enters the data center at two different locations and we have the guarantee that maintenance is never carried out on two routes that offer redundancy in relation to each other.

Short lines of communication with Eurofiber

The so-called ‘short lines’ between DCspine and Eurofiber make it easy to quickly intervene in the network if necessary. Insight into the performance of the network, street-level routing and maintenance schedules help us deliver the quality that our customers expect from us. The cooperation with Eurofiber, therefore, offers us a solid grounding for the further development of our services.

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