The future of DCspine: looking forward and beyond

Since the launch of DCspine, a little over a year ago, it’s time for the next steps. What’s in store for 2019 and beyond? To explain our plans, we’ll have to look at how we got so far.

When DCspine launched in the fall of 2017 it took the Dutch market for data center- and cloud connectivity by storm with a unique proposition that no other connectivity provider could offer. Our interconnection platform was met with some healthy skepticism regarding the innovative solution first but was soon recognized as the next step in data center connectivity.


We had the advantage of four solid launching partners: Alticom, NLDC datacenters, Dataplace and AMS-IX. These partnerships gave us a broad reach from the start and allowed us to prove to the market the benefits of our platform compared to other delivery methods of connectivity. With success: it became more popular than we had expected.

The increasing importance of partner models

That said, in 2019, partner services will become an important focal point for DCspine. Already, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and the Dutch national scrubbing center (NaWas), which offers AS owners effective DDoS-mitigation, are partners of DCspine and offer their services through DCspine PoPs.

We get a lot of questions about partnerships: service providers are interested in delivering their services in collaboration with DCspine. We will certainly further explore this possibility and will probably get into new partnerships during 2019.

Rising demand

As of today, DCspine is present in 55 carrier-neutral data centers in the Netherlands. This number exceeds the 40 data centers DCspine had set as a target for 2018. Demand went through the roof in 2018 and after a short period of time, we had PoPs in the data centers of all major operators in the Netherlands, such as Equinix and Interxion.

To our slight surprise, many data center operators that weren’t connected in the first roll-out showed strong interest to be able to offer our services to their customers. This allowed us to create a presence in metro areas as well as regional and edge facilities. Also, we perceived demand in Belgium.

Next steps: the future of DCspine 

Needless to say, we are expanding to Belgium. We will launch our first connected data centers in Belgium in a few months.  Also, we will get in touch with our customers more often during various events to develop our connectivity platform further based on customer demand. But first, we will have some interesting news to share later this month, so stay tuned.

­Jan Michiel Berkel

Director DCspine