Cloud Connect

Customers that need secure and agile connections to public cloud providers can opt for an end-to-end Cloud Connect. By using a Cloud Connect instead of other types of connectivity such as the public internet or MPLS, organizations can fully benefit from the agility the public cloud offers without having to worry about security or performance. The DCspine end-to-end Cloud Connect adapts to the needs of an organization, eliminating the hassle of having to implement network changes when new locations are added for example.

Private high capacity access to the cloud

Key benefits

  • Secure, private connections with guaranteed bandwidths.
  • Easy to set up and adjust at any time.
  • Contracts can easily be voided – no long term obligations.

A private cloud connect

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Enterprises of all sizes have embraced the public cloud. With increased cloud adoption however, connectivity between the cloud and customer IT environments has become a major concern for IT departments. Connectivity to the public cloud is often too complex and unreliable to fully benefit from the possibilities the cloud offers. This is partially caused by the fact that many organizations favor (public) internet connections to connect to the cloud over more reliable alternatives such as a Cloud Connect.

In this whitepaper we take a look at a private Cloud Connect. We discuss what it takes and how it works. We also briefly show how easy it is to set up end-to-end cloud connectivity to one of the three major public cloud providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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