Data center backbone

DCspine offers a reliable, redundant and high capacity network to connect data center locations used as core backbone. DCspine is able to act as primary provider to connect all backbone locations of a provider or can be used to act as flexible and cost efficient solution to add new locations to an existing dark fiber or WDM core network. Via the online portal customers are able to set-up VLAN’s or multiple VLAN’s (Q-in-Q) on-demand. It is easy to manage different VLAN (ranges) between different data center locations and customers are able to manage changes 24/7 themselves.

Data center interconnectivity

Key benefits

  • Directly connect between over 70 data center locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Flexible bandwidths of 100 Mbit up to 100 Gbit, scalable on demand, matching exact needs.
  • Add new locations to existing core backbone locations in a cost efficient way.
  • Option to leave at any moment if the network architecture is changed.

What our customers say

Reliability is a key requirement

“Galaxy Business Networks, a telecom and managed (cloud) service provider, uses DCspine to establish a data center backbone between its 4 core data center locations; located in Amsterdam, Almere, and Lelystad. For Galaxy Business Networks reliability is a key requirement. However, by using DCspine it also created the ability to add new (customer) locations quickly into the existing backbone and scale the bandwidth when needed at any moment.”

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