Data center migration

Data migration between data centers is a common connectivity use case. Customers may want to switch between colocation providers, hosting providers or want to expand their presence, for example for redundancy or active-passive or active-active data replication purposes.  Since connects for data migration are used for a limited period of time, flexibility and short contract lengths are key.

Easy and cost efficient connectivity

Key benefits

  • Temporary connections for migration purposes.
  • Migrate large amounts of data quickly and securely.
  • Minimum contract length of 1 day.

What our customers say

Reliability is a key requirement

“Unica Schutte ICT, a full service IT provider in The Netherlands, used a temporary Redundant SxC to create an Ethernet private circuit between the data center of a new 24/7 customer and the two Unica Schutte ICT core data center locations in Almere and Amsterdam. The connection serves for the migration of the as-is data from a legacy platform to the Unica Schutte ICT Hybrid Cloud. DCspine made it easy and cost efficient to create this connection and also collaborated with Unica Schutte ICT for blueprinting of the required network design.”

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