Internet exchange and international connectivity

The DCspine platform offers direct access to numerous internet exchanges and international connectivity providers. Peering connections can be set up easily and on-demand, just as direct connects to overseas data centers in the U.S., Asia and on other continents.

Direct access to internet exchanges

Key benefits

  • DCspine offers direct access to internet exchanges such as AMS-IX and Speed-IX. Combine the benefits of scalable and flexible connections with direct peering and additional services offered by IX’s.
  • AMS-IX is available on all DCspine locations.
  • Peering connections with the largest internet exchange in the world can be set up in minutes from any data center connected to the DCspine platform.
  • In addition, international connectivity is provided by numerous global connectivity partners through which intercontinental connections can be set up quickly as the result of combined on-demand propositions. 

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