We are a fully automated high capacity software defined network data center interconnection platform. With DCspine you can connect to the services you need, when you need them. DCspine can be seen as the “Virtual Meet Me Room” for all connected data centers. DCspine makes it as easy to cross connect between data centers as if it were within a single data center.

Our Vision

What do we believe in

Data center interconnectivity
Driven by the increasing adoption of cloud applications, DCspine sees a strong demand for data center interconnectivity. With the emergence of cloud based services, a new ecosystem develops requiring new approaches to help customers to take full advantage of the cloud opportunity. To be successful, data center interconnection services need to be faster, more scalable, agile and flexible than current offerings.


What drives us

Easiest to do business with
The digitalized economy requires industries to be smart and easy to use. By being the easiest to do business with, DCspine lowers the barrier to use secure data center connectivity and creates new opportunities for its clients.

Everything online
Doing everything online is one of the ways for DCspine to be the easiest to do business with. Doing everything online enables DCspine to innovate the current data center connectivity business model by being rapid and flexible but still offer standard and reliable services.

Intelligent pricing
DCspine will break with the traditional ways of data center connectivity. As a result DCspine is able to find smart solutions enabling better services and intelligent pricing.

The Ecosystem

Who do we connect

Meet-me-room of all connected data centers
DCspine can be seen as the “Meet Me Room” for all connected data centers. DCspine makes connectivity between different data centers as easy as connectivity within a single data center. Our focus is on data centers and cloud service providers and providing them with the ability to set-up connections in a private network or to set-up interconnections between different DCspine users via a private interconnect.

Connected to the large hubs and smaller size dataacenters
DCspine connects many data centers providing users with an extensive range of connected locations in both the large data center hubs as well as deeper to the edge of the network. Users in regional data centers will be provided with the opportunity to connect to more than 15 data centers in the Amsterdam area. Users in the Amsterdam area will be able to connect to more than 15 data centers spread across the Netherlands. All connected data centers will benefit from our full portfolio of high capacity products at uniform prices.


AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral, non-profit and independent Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. AMS-IX interconnects 800+ networks and has a peak of 5.7 Terabits (Tbps). The AMS-IX platform provides professional IP exchange services, also called peering services. DCspine is a partner of AMS-IX offering services remotely by connecting DCspine customers to AMS-IX. AMS-IX services are available on all DCspine points of presence. For more information contact DCspine via info@DCspine.nl or sales@ams-ix.net