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How can I start using DCspine?
You can go directly to our portal and start using DCspine

Are there any cost to register?
No there are no (hidden) cost, only if you start using our service we will start charging you. So feel free to have a look in the Spine Store!


What types of charges are there for ports?
Ports have a monthly fee based on the capacity of the port (10G, 40G or 100G) and there is no one-off fee.

What types of charges are there for connections (SxC)?
Connections (SxC) have a monthly fee based on the configured bandwidth. and there is no one-off fee.

Contract terms

Can I order a service with a longer the commitment?
No at this moment all contracts are flexible and can be changed or terminated daily.

What is the contract term for my services?
All contracts have a minimum duration of a maximum of one day. Let us explain how this works: if you change or cancel your port and/or SxC during the course of the day, the full day until 23.59h is charged, after 0.00h the charge is stopped or adjusted.


When will we start billing you for the services?
We will start billing once the port is physically connected, so only if the initial patch is installed and you are able to start using our platform.

Where can I see my running cost?
In the online portal, you can view your actual status under the "Installed Base" menu.

How do I pay for the services?
We will send invoices once a month based on the services purchased in the month before.


What is the underlaying network for DCspine?
The DCspine services are delivered on the nationwide DCspine network. Each DCspine location is redundantly connected to two or more other DCspine locations via a fiber-optic connection.

What is de demarcation of the DCspine service?
The Service is delivered on a Spine Port allocated on the DCspine equipment. The Customer is responsible for the patching and cabling between this port (Demarcation Point DCspine) and the customer’s equipment in the datacenter location.

Technical Specifications

What can you tell me about the specification of the SxC?
Throughput guarantee99,9%
Frame Delay< 10 ms
Frame Delay Variation< 5 ms
Frame Loss Ratio<0.1%

How many MAC addresses do you support on one Spine port?
Currently you we support up to 4000 MAC addresses per physical port

Service (24/7 monitoring)

Is the network proactively monitored?
Yes, although we use the latest network technology and a self driving network, we still monitor all network functions 24/7.

When can I contact DCspine if there is a interruption of my service?
Operational management of the DCspine network and services are conducted from our service desk. The incident managers at the service desk can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What is the uptime for the network?
Based on our design the network guarantees an uptime of 99,9%. The uptime is based on a repair time of 4 hours (except in case of a physical damage to the cables; the repair time will be 8 hours).