Eindhoven Fiber Exchange extends range by connecting to DCspine

Digital transformation and use of services from the cloud is an important theme for Dutch companies, both multinationals and SMEs. The Eindhoven Metropolitan Area is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the Netherlands with a strong focus on tech and IT. Eindhoven Fiber Exchange (EFX) plays an important role for the region as a supplier of fibre-optic infrastructure and as a hub for telecom networks and providers of telecom services.

EFX recently moved to a new location where thousands of glass fibers from dozens of providers meet. The exchange plays a pivotal role in the region. EFX recently welcomed DCspine, an interconnectivity platform that greatly increases the range of connectivity to for example data centers and cloud providers. As a result, customers from the region can easily make use of service providers from more than 60 data centers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Everything under one roof

Fiber optic nodes such as EFX not only allow different networks to connect with one another, but also make it straightforward for service providers to reach customers. This creates a hub of digital services including the required connectivity. In the case of EFX, part of dark fiber provider Breedband Regio Eindhoven (BRE), organizations from the region can easily obtain connectivity to other organizations in the region or beyond. They can choose from a wide range of service providers such as cloud backup, VoIP or Internet access.

The cooperation with DCspine is intended to offer connectivity to locations outside the region. Most of the 60 data centers that are connected to DCspine have multiple tenants (colocation) and collectively are home to hundreds of service providers, making the DCspine network one large national ecosystem of digital services. Almost every conceivable service is available, from access to the world’s largest internet exchange, AMS-IX, to anti-DDoS services and from cloud connections to, for example, Azure and AWS to a large number of Dutch cloud suppliers.

Economic relevance

EFX and the cooperation with DCspine are a good illustration of the economic significance of the rapidly growing Dutch digital ecosystem. Because EFX is able to provide connectivity to hundreds of companies and organizations in the Eindhoven region, as well as to the many research institutes that are present, innovation and economic development in the region is stimulated. At the same time, the reach of DCspine to many other providers in the Netherlands and abroad will deepen this regional function of EFX. This type of synergy is typical of fiber optic exchanges such as EFX.

Do you want to know more about regional and interregional connectivity? Visit the websites of the Eindhoven Fiber Exchange and DCspine.